I have been skiving sir!

Why do I never learn?
You read the previews/reviews of a new Album or a new Film and what it says excites you.
So with trust you open up the wallet and purchase the Cd or Ticket.
Then comes huge disappoint.
The description does not match up with the writer’s imagination.

Cases in point.
I decided to make the most of a quiet January and get back into my favourite way of spending an afternoon.
Sneaking into a cinema for an afternoon movie.
I managed to see Gangster Squad ( a DVD movie at best) with an average performance from Sean Penn.

Not deterred I went to see the big tip for Oscars and rave reviews everywhere, Lincoln.
I am not an American.
I am not in Hollywood
I am not Stephen Spielberg’s mate
I am not Daniel Day Lewis’s agent or publicist.
I am not convinced that this is anything more than a History Channel documentary.
Long, it weighs in at 150 minutes.
You wouldn’t know it was Spielberg and you wouldn’t believe that it has so many nominees for an Oscar.
Daniel must have met Maurice Oberstein, legend of the music business, because his method persona is based on Obi’s mannerisms. (Without Obi’s high pitched voice when he got excited).
A good job….but……

Now Django by Tarantino is another thing altogether.
Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio are worth the entrance fee alone.
But you get more than you bargain for, Tarantino ain’t no cheapskate.
He wants you to have more of everything, a bargain.
When someone gets shot, usually they grab the spot where the bullet has entered and lean in with grimaced face, a trickle Of blood then leaks through the fingers.
Not good enough.
Tarantino version..bullet hits person……person flies back 4 metres!
Then Three buckets of red paint sprays out everywhere.
I love the way Tarantino gets hold of old actors you haven’t seen on your screen for years and revives their fortunes. Great cameos.
His music is great, love the choices he makes, God to be his music muse would be a hell of a gig.
In a western you gotta have some spaghetti music, Morricone type vibe. OK.
You get that some great tacky 1950’s songs and then you get James Brown and 2
If you liked Inglorious Baterds and Christophe Waltz.
You are going to love this to death.
Christophe is fabulous I do mean fab and Leonardo is good and I do mean good.
Worth the ticket BUT ….see it on the big screen, it is a must.

Now onto the music
These are the no thanks so far this week and all had 3/4/5 star reviews.….Ducktails, Arboretum; Indians; Jessica Pratt; Fion Regan; Whitehouse; Jim James; Michael Pisaro, Caitlin Rose; Mountains; Milo Greene; Aaron Neville etc etc
With the Local Natives, Matthew E White and Villagers hanging on there, to be re-listened too.

My proposal is that Uncut Mojo and Q plus The Times Observer Independent etc etc employ me as the star giver.
I check out all the reviews and award the stars co this lot wouldn’t get more than one or 2 stars.
This would save me a fortune in buying their recommendations.
That is the problem; I believe them and their stars/recommendations.

More coming
Very best


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