happy easter

Sorry for the delay.
It’s been an odd time, a combination of weather /circumstances/events.
I can confirm my dislike of the 02 venue in Bristol and I’m in agreement with those that say this is not the place to see an act. Even if the act was your favourite of all time, never mind something you want see and assess.
So, I ain’t going again. In fact I decided not to see the Eels the other week.
Apparently this was a great decision I am assured by those who did attend.
However what prompted me to write this, well last week I took some teenage girls to see Jake Bugg.
We managed to get on to the ‘dance floor area’ in front of the stage during the support act.
Waited for young Jake, two minutes before the boy hit the stage and a surge of those who had been at the bar.
Now it’s incredibly uncomfortable on the floor, jammed sardine style with a few idiots throwing plastic glasses around.
The boy was good and played a few new songs.
It’s good to know that he is writing new stuff. His tour seems to never end. This kid works hard.
I hope that he gets into the studio as and when he can and record a new record.
I expect the new Lp will have a few ‘rock guitar’ inspired led material.

Just gone online to book tickets for David Bowie Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum and…………………… its sold out from now until august!
This boy is hot hot hot.
I mean just to look at a few pieces of costume and he is sold out.
Pompeii exhibition,; a few rocks and a few pictures. A Couple of mummified bodies.
Sold out!!
What is going on?
I have been to Pompeii a couple of times, walked the town checked it all out for real.
It was just a notion seeing this at the museum, but sold out!

I’m looking forward to hearing the Phoenix Foundation lp.
I notice they are on tour in May, they are not playing the 02, so..could be for me.
I also notice finestkind favourite ‘How To Dress Well’ are touring as well, might have to see them as well.

Looking for a festival this ‘summer’, unfortunately cannot attend the end of the road, mind you the line up this year doesn’t look very good.
Wonder if it’s because there is a shortage of good acts touring?
Are you attending any festival If so which one?

Hope to update the site.. should have finestkind 2012 up with artwork.
Also an up to date db’s fave lps so far.
Hey enjoy
Let me know what yore listening to

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