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It was quite an odd year 2009 for music, artists and their albums.
By June I was convinced that finestkind would be a single album plus a padded out finestkind 3.
However over the summer and into the autumn, things were back on track.
Not with the usual major artists and major label releases, all of which come out at this time for Christmas.
No, just some great little gems that caught me by surprise.

You have to know that most of these tracks I have played, somewhere between 30 and 50 times.
So please do me and do yourself a favour, PLAY these CDs more than a couple of times.
Like a great wine, they need to breathe.

The trawl started at the end of December and by now, the first week of November I have managed to listen to over 400 albums!! Thanks to the great convenience of, as over 200 of theses I heard using their services. Most of which were dreadful and therefore using the service saved me a fortune.

So if you can afford it I would recommend that you buy these albums immediately. AA Bondy, Acorn, Cave Singers, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Jon Hassell, Vassils Tsabropoulos, Johann Johannsson, Susumu Yokota, Great Lake Swimmers, Low Anthem, Richard Hawley, School of Seven Bells, Wooden Ships, Vetiver, Mumford and Sons, Monsters of Folk and Mariachi El Bronx.

Mind you, with all the other artists on finestkind I found joy with their albums. Although some of these artists have brought out ANOTHER album by the year-end. AA Bondy, Todd Snider and Teitur, they are not as good as the ones featured on finestkind. So make sure you order the right ones!!

Although not on finestkind this year one of my favourite albums was the Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood Live at Madison Sq Garden. Get it if you have ever liked either of these guys, it is the best thing they have done in 15 plus years!!! Damn, I wish I could have seen them… I tried to get their Voodoo Chile on finestkind, but at 17 Minutes!!! I even went for an edit but could not get it down to less than 10 minutes.

Also for those who love their Electronic/Beat music, the Field are fantastic. It is a great album of groovy dance trance stuff; again editing it down did not make sense.

Buy it… Also check out Lloyd Cole – Ashtray albums… they are great…

You may want to take advantage of using and Spotify to listen to any of the albums before buying. Or you can check the first 45 seconds if you go to

While going to Amazon always check the Used and New section on each album page, more often than not you can find the album at a much cheaper rate than Amazon. I find these Amazon approved sellers to be excellent, just read what they are selling and their messages check their rating of customer satisfaction.

Anything above 4* is good.

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