another week another…..

I guess the highlight of the week, other than the sunshine,was visiting the Yoko Ono exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park.

If you haven’t been already, check it out. She has humour wit and charm.

I love the new hang out den they have built in front of the gallery. The whole area is in cork. It is quite amazing, very hardy stuff, surprising really. Got me out of the heat beaming down to have my sandwich. Nice to wander through the park reflecting about the concerts gone by. The Stones, how many were there?They reckoned half a million. I managed to get right down to the front, only bad idea was the Hungarian storm troopers boots I was wearing. Very hot day and those thick boots were making my feet sweat. When I finally took them off the entire area insisited I put them back on!! Big drag was missing the Blind Faith concert, interesting to see it now on dvd , it wasn’t that great maybe but I would have liked to have seen that one. Still the gig that Eric and Steve did last year at the Royal Albert Hall was brilliant, essentialy a Blind Faith gig.

Talking of gigs, in my gig list there is some info missing and I need help to fill it in.

So if you know the dates or venues im missing email me please. Or if you know a web site that might have the info, let me know, ta.

I listened to some 20/30 albums this week gone by. Not much jumping for me. The finestkind list is good this year, it is developing well. Although not a lot has been added over the past couple of weeks. Usually great new stuff comes out over the summer from unknown artists, not this year. Why?

So, Chris Moyles is off this week. Goodbye…… Radio 1 is going to go through another change and I wonder where musically it will take us. I have to admit I switch between Radio 6, Radio 2, Radio 5 and Talksport in the main.

What did you think of the Olympics and Para Olympics ceremonies?

I loved Danny boys opener not sure about the closing ceremony, music and especially the sound.

Last night saw Jay Z Rhianna and Coldplay, missed earlier stuff, was it any good?

What has happened to MIA and also Ms Dynamite new albums, supposed to have been out ages ago??

What is ringing your bell this year??

What do we think of Two Door Cinema Club and also Of Monsters and Men?

Thoughts of the week

Tom McRae – Lloyd Cole – Robert Plant – Elbow – Vaccines – Rise and Fall of EMI – Festivals



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