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Dave Grohl:

“When I think about kids watching a TV show like American Idol or The Voice, then they think, ‘Oh,OK, that’s how you become a musician, you stand in line for eight fucking hours with 800 people at a convention centre and then you sing your heart out for someone and then they tell you it’s not fucking good enough.
Can you imagine? It’s destroying the next generation of musicians!
Musicians should go to a yard sale and buy an old fucking drum set and get into a garage and just suck. And get their friends to c ome in and they’ll suck, too. And then they’ll have the best time they’ve ever had in their lives and then all of a sudden they’ll become Nirvana. Because that’s exactly what happened with Nirvana. Just a bunch of guys that had some shitty old instruments and they got togethert and started playing some noisy ass shit, and they became the biggest band in the world.
That can happen again!! You don’t need a fucking computer or the internet or The Voice or American Idiot”
Dave Grohl

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Finestkind 2013 here are the best artists/albums and tracks

I Recommend you buy OR get a partner/child/uncle whatever to buy the following for you.
As they are no brainers..—buy buy buy

Lloyd Cole -Standards
Arctic Monkeys -AM
Lord Huron – Lonesome Dreams
Agnes Obel -Aventine
National -Trouble Will Find Me
Goldfrapp -Tales Of Us
Jah Wobble Marconi Wobble -Anomic
Sam Williams – Europatron (release 2014)

These I love and recommend highly- but tastes may vary

David Bowie -The Next Day
Fat Freddy -Blackbird
Daft Punk -Random Access Memories
Ex Cops -True Hallucinations
Fat Freddy -Blackbird
Jonathan Wilson – Fanfare
Lorde -Pure Heroine
Nightbeds -Country Sleep
Phosphorescent – Muchacho
Steve Mason -Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time
Tricky -False Idols
Vampire Weekend -Modern Vampires Of The City
Wooden Shjips -Back To Land

These I like but you need to check out a little more maybe?

Boards Of Canada -Tomorrow’s Harvest
Denison Witmar-Denison Witmer
Strypes – Snapshot
Chvrches -The Bones Of What You Believe
Kathryn Williams-Crown Electric
Of Monsters and Men – My Head Is An Animal
Two Door Cinema – Beacon
Sarah Blasko – I Awake
Darkstar – News From Nowhere
Mountains – Centralia

I loved Sam Williams so much…….that I am now acting as his manager!!

enjoy and please listen dozen times to make a decision…let me know what you liked

here are this years finestkind tracks





California Earthquake by Lloyd Cole from Standards on Tapete
My Number by Foals from Holy Fire on Warner Brothers
Ramona by NightBeds from Country Sleep on Dead Oceans
Seen It All Before by Steve Mason from Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time on Domino
Bonnie & Clyde by Tricky from False Idols on !K7/False Idols
Ghouls by Wooden Shjips from Back To Land on Thrill Jockey

Fireside by Arctic Monkeys from AM on Domino
Period Piece by Lloyd Cole from Standards on Tapete Records
Divorce by Daredevil Christopher Wright from Nature of Things on File Under Music
James Ex Cops from True Hallucinations on Fat Possum Records
Ends Of The Earth by Lord Huron from Lonesome Dreams on Play It Again Sam
Don’t Swallow the Cap by National from Trouble Will Find Me on 4AD
Ride On / Right On by Phosphorescent from Muchacho on Dead Oceans

i & Thou by Daredevil Christopher Wright from Nature of Things on File Under Music
Cecil Taylor by Jonathan Wilson from Fanfare on Bella Union
Step by Vampire Weekend from Modern Vampires of the City on XL Recordings
Laziest Girl In The World by Sam Williams from Europatron on db records
Blackbird by Fat Freddy’s Drop from Blackbird on The Drop
Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men on My Head is an Animal on Island
The World Is Watching by Two Door Cinema Club from Beacon on Kitsune

I Wanna Be Yours by Arctic Monkeys from AM on Domino
Red Right Hand by Nick Cave from Let Love In on Mute/EMI
I Should Live In Salt by National from Trouble Will Find Me on 4AD
Buzzcut Season BY Lorde from Pure Heroine on Virgin
Words Are Dead by Agnes Obel from Aventine on Play It Again Sam
King And Crosses by Asgeir from In the Silence on One Little Indian
Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend from Modern Vampires of the City on XL Recordings
Womens Studies by Lloyd Cole from Standards on Tapete Records

Jo by Goldfrapp from Tales of Us on Mute
You by Nils Frahm from Screws on Erased Tapes
Cherry Blossoms by NightBeds from Country Sleep on Dead Oceans
Fuel To Fire by Agnes Obel from Aventine on Play It Again Sam
Telepath by Boards Of Canada from Tomorrow’s Harvest on Warp
The Millionaire by Ex Cops from True Hallucinations on Fat Possum Records
Wealth by Jah Wobble & Marconi Union from Anomic on 30hertz
Light Body Clock Starter by Darkstar from News From Nowhere on Warp
Faithful Heights by NightBeds from Country Sleep on Dead Oceans
Fireproofby by National from Trouble Will Find Me on 4AD
Sun Ariseby Phosphorescent from Muchacho on Dead Oceans
Brave Man by Sam Williams from Europatron on db records
Si by Nils Frahm from Screws on Erased Tapes
Terminus by Jah Wobble & Marconi Union from Anomic on 30hertz

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Summer over ….autumn is falling…..good stuff coming

Summer is Over!!
How was it for you?
Mine was good, travelling around various spots in Europe.
Listening to the mighty iPod.
The usual summer releases of interesting new artists, albums and music, was fewer I feel than normal.
It was always one of the slots to debut your hot new artists.
Sure there were a few new artist releases but way less.

Fat Freddy were welcome, although a patchy album, Russia and Blackbird are top grooves.
Lloyd Cole returns with the finest album he has made in 20 years!!!!!!!
Get it buy it, now.
Loving the Boards of Canada.
very beautiful very gentle very very good.

Welcome return of the Artic Monkeys too.
This band have matured and developed in a beautiful way.
Very reminicent of classic bands from the 70’s and 80’s, where each album moves on from the last.
Sure those who fell in love with the first album and wanted more of the same will be disappointed.
But those who heard the band mature and strenghten their sound while maintaining their brilliant sharp witty lyrics will be thrilled with the band the album and no doubt the tour.
Cant wait to see them live again.
If ever there was a band that I would have loved to have found, signed and recorded this is it.
Goldfrapp have also returned with a lovely dreamy album.
Will is a genius and Alison is an angel, together they make one of Britains finest.

Jah Wobble the east ends star boy meest marconi union manchester’s finest.
They have made a lovely album, definately worth the few bob its costs.

Just had to buy the Strypes album, yea yeah.
Its very ’60’s but energy fun fun.
Gonna burn some time on this one.

The Bob Dylan box set of Another Self Portrait is giving me much pleasure.
I hated the self portrait album when it came out.
It was interesting to read what happened, how it happened and now get to listen to everything.
The thing with his Bobness is.. he dont always get it right.
but my god how many times does he get it right??
too many and if he cant see how good he is at the time, we are allowed to hear his rejected genius and enjoy.

Just been looking at the upcoming releases.
It seems that the majors are throwing everything out in the next three months, actually the next two months.
Lots to listen to look fwd to…
dont forget
db is looking for artists to sign
so..if you are one or know one..get in touch
db c/o Carole
4th floor
15/16 Abbey Churchyard
BA1 1 LY

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happy easter

Sorry for the delay.
It’s been an odd time, a combination of weather /circumstances/events.
I can confirm my dislike of the 02 venue in Bristol and I’m in agreement with those that say this is not the place to see an act. Even if the act was your favourite of all time, never mind something you want see and assess.
So, I ain’t going again. In fact I decided not to see the Eels the other week.
Apparently this was a great decision I am assured by those who did attend.
However what prompted me to write this, well last week I took some teenage girls to see Jake Bugg.
We managed to get on to the ‘dance floor area’ in front of the stage during the support act.
Waited for young Jake, two minutes before the boy hit the stage and a surge of those who had been at the bar.
Now it’s incredibly uncomfortable on the floor, jammed sardine style with a few idiots throwing plastic glasses around.
The boy was good and played a few new songs.
It’s good to know that he is writing new stuff. His tour seems to never end. This kid works hard.
I hope that he gets into the studio as and when he can and record a new record.
I expect the new Lp will have a few ‘rock guitar’ inspired led material.

Just gone online to book tickets for David Bowie Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum and…………………… its sold out from now until august!
This boy is hot hot hot.
I mean just to look at a few pieces of costume and he is sold out.
Pompeii exhibition,; a few rocks and a few pictures. A Couple of mummified bodies.
Sold out!!
What is going on?
I have been to Pompeii a couple of times, walked the town checked it all out for real.
It was just a notion seeing this at the museum, but sold out!

I’m looking forward to hearing the Phoenix Foundation lp.
I notice they are on tour in May, they are not playing the 02, so..could be for me.
I also notice finestkind favourite ‘How To Dress Well’ are touring as well, might have to see them as well.

Looking for a festival this ‘summer’, unfortunately cannot attend the end of the road, mind you the line up this year doesn’t look very good.
Wonder if it’s because there is a shortage of good acts touring?
Are you attending any festival If so which one?

Hope to update the site.. should have finestkind 2012 up with artwork.
Also an up to date db’s fave lps so far.
Hey enjoy
Let me know what yore listening to

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thin white duke and the roseland

Had the time to go and visit the wonderful land of Cornwall.
A week in St Mawes looking at the Roseland.

I went into one of my favourite record stores, the delightful JAM on Falmouth High Street.
It is the perfect place to listen to all the latest fab waxings that are currently on release.
They really do have the most incredible selection.
You can drink coffee or tea whilst browsing or read some very lovely art books whilst listening to Mandy’s picks.
I decided to buy Mogwai, Mark Kozelek and the Who live at the Isle of Wight.
I had to buy the Who, not that I needed yet another recording of them playing Tommy live or just another version of Summertime Blues.
No, I was there at that festival and wanted to live that gig again at some point.
It’s amazing that that bill, which was pretty much the Woodstock bill and one hell of a line up, was all recorded but due to legal difficulties they are still creeping out slowly one by one.
The gig was some 43 years ago!!
I would like to have the Free performance and the Doors performance too.

So, I’ve been listening in to the latest and the greatest new releases.
Not making it for me Dido, Nick Cave, Foals, John Grant, Eels, Mountains, Milo Greene, Jose James, Local Natives, Villagers, Daredevil Christopher Wright and I’m not sure about the Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Palma Violets and Asphodells.

Of course I reserve the right to change my mind about the latter, either way.
I haven’t listened to the Atoms for Peace as yet due to the fear it will disappoint!

The David Bowie lp is not the second coming, I’m sure.
But wait with baited breath…well maybe not.
The last album he did..Reality was a finestkind favourite.
The songs were superb absolutely superb.
If you don’t have it go and buy it now!
For whatever reason Sony did not take it as a priority and let it drift into obscurity.
Shame on you! I did tell the powers that be…. how good it was.
But they ignored me db and the artist db.

Calexico were good in Bristol..But the venue ,02, is terrible.
As CH said on the night..Lets never see a gig here again.
The sound is bad, and Calexico knew it was, they kept asking how the sound was.
But the audience not understanding kept shouting ‘yeh’.
No, it is bad there.

Why do bands play the 02?
To all agents stop booking the 02 in Bristol.
There are other places to play.

Any thoughts of great new records are very welcome.


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I have been skiving sir!

Why do I never learn?
You read the previews/reviews of a new Album or a new Film and what it says excites you.
So with trust you open up the wallet and purchase the Cd or Ticket.
Then comes huge disappoint.
The description does not match up with the writer’s imagination.

Cases in point.
I decided to make the most of a quiet January and get back into my favourite way of spending an afternoon.
Sneaking into a cinema for an afternoon movie.
I managed to see Gangster Squad ( a DVD movie at best) with an average performance from Sean Penn.

Not deterred I went to see the big tip for Oscars and rave reviews everywhere, Lincoln.
I am not an American.
I am not in Hollywood
I am not Stephen Spielberg’s mate
I am not Daniel Day Lewis’s agent or publicist.
I am not convinced that this is anything more than a History Channel documentary.
Long, it weighs in at 150 minutes.
You wouldn’t know it was Spielberg and you wouldn’t believe that it has so many nominees for an Oscar.
Daniel must have met Maurice Oberstein, legend of the music business, because his method persona is based on Obi’s mannerisms. (Without Obi’s high pitched voice when he got excited).
A good job….but……

Now Django by Tarantino is another thing altogether.
Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio are worth the entrance fee alone.
But you get more than you bargain for, Tarantino ain’t no cheapskate.
He wants you to have more of everything, a bargain.
When someone gets shot, usually they grab the spot where the bullet has entered and lean in with grimaced face, a trickle Of blood then leaks through the fingers.
Not good enough.
Tarantino version..bullet hits person……person flies back 4 metres!
Then Three buckets of red paint sprays out everywhere.
I love the way Tarantino gets hold of old actors you haven’t seen on your screen for years and revives their fortunes. Great cameos.
His music is great, love the choices he makes, God to be his music muse would be a hell of a gig.
In a western you gotta have some spaghetti music, Morricone type vibe. OK.
You get that some great tacky 1950’s songs and then you get James Brown and 2
If you liked Inglorious Baterds and Christophe Waltz.
You are going to love this to death.
Christophe is fabulous I do mean fab and Leonardo is good and I do mean good.
Worth the ticket BUT ….see it on the big screen, it is a must.

Now onto the music
These are the no thanks so far this week and all had 3/4/5 star reviews.….Ducktails, Arboretum; Indians; Jessica Pratt; Fion Regan; Whitehouse; Jim James; Michael Pisaro, Caitlin Rose; Mountains; Milo Greene; Aaron Neville etc etc
With the Local Natives, Matthew E White and Villagers hanging on there, to be re-listened too.

My proposal is that Uncut Mojo and Q plus The Times Observer Independent etc etc employ me as the star giver.
I check out all the reviews and award the stars co this lot wouldn’t get more than one or 2 stars.
This would save me a fortune in buying their recommendations.
That is the problem; I believe them and their stars/recommendations.

More coming
Very best


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finestkind albums of the year….

So albums of the 2012, buy these now and enjoy….. Heritage Blues Orchestra (unbelievable brilliant need more) Greg Holden (one of my scouts tipped me off about this guy, British based in NYC and is fab fab fab, download off Itunes only, –Kathleen Edwards ( makes a return on finestkind after a few years, she got Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver to produce the album, actually she married him and he had no choice!! It is lovely work all round, First Aid Kit, how can these girls be Swedish They sound like they are straight from the south, as in USA. They are strong live too. Marcy Playground, Why has this band not made it? John is very talented I love his songs his sound, back on finestkind after a few years.
Cashier No9, I saw them live to see if they could pull this off. They were great (sound engineer was a dipstick, but they are great.
Yeti Lane, (thanks to Cally for this tip, great album.. very good. Alabama Shakes, this band is the goods..ok? She is the female Otis Redding, everything that Kings of Leon etc would kill to be.. She is the goods and the band were brilliant. And..a lovely person too. How To Dress Well, a great take on modern R&B. Very cool. Amadou & Mariam is an amazing album, so many great tracks I was stuck..just buy it …this lp its really great…… Cody Chesnutt ..caught him on TV and checked it out, he is a Marvin Gaye styled soul singer.. and that is the highest compliment anyone can get..ok!! Dr John , ..the last time he made it onto finestkind was 1973..!!!!!! Produced by Black Keys…really really cool lp.
Sun Kil Moon, Icebreaker, Gang Colours, Sleep Party People, British Expeditionary Force, Grasscut , Gabriel And The Hounds ,Nneka, Bruce Springsteen, Black Keys,—–amazing/!!!! Buy them all….
You saw the most incredible opening to any Olympic Games, ever! Danny Boyle and company-brilliant!!!
Well now buy the album……..
The Isles of Wonder: Music For The Opening Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games.
Yes it’s amazing. The music for the night was amazing and everything is here, Underworld Arctic Monkeys and even Mike Oldfield. The amount of great stuff over a double cd, bargain!!
Some of finestkinds favourite past winners have returned in storming fashion, Patti Smith, Santigold, Richard Hawley, Leonard Cohen, Tindersticks (the first track is delete then ok again), Peter Broderick. Also well done ex Supergrass mainman—Gaz Coombes !
Welcome to Beach House, Ben L’oncleSoul , Bath Cities finest The Heavy -How You Like Me Now – EP and THEIR new lp The Glorious Dead. Michael Kiwanuka . Next from a great movie and potential Oscar Nominee with Tom Hardyin Lawless , get the soundtrack….JD McPherson, Anna Ternheim, Deep Dark Woods,
These albums/artists were also great good….sorry I couldn’t squeeze them in
Emili Sande Portico Quartet Lana Del Ray Frank Ocean ZZ Top. Tord Gustavsen Quartet Hollie Cook in dub..Counting Crows Tom McRae Van Morrison Ultravox Paul Weller Goat Roberta Flack
Be great to hear any feedback…….

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James Bond Tom McRae and Rupert

One of my first loves along with music was the Theatre.
So much so that when I was at school I studied Theatre /Theatre History as a subject.
I even joined the Arts Theatre in London and the Young RSC.
I don’t know why but over the past couple of years it seems that I don’t go as often as I used to.
However, a couple of weeks back I went to see Judas Kiss which had Rupert Everett and Freddie Fox.
It’s about the beginning of the end for Oscar Wilde.
Rupert plays Oscar; he captures all of his sharp wit and stubbornness perfectly, his performance is majestic.
Freddie as Bosie, with his ruthless selfishness petulance is also a great performance.
Very enjoyable.
Need to go and see more, maybe a new year’s resolution?

I met up with Bruno for lunch. He and I used to work together Mercury/Fontana/Vertigo, he was a brilliant radio promotion manager for me. Amazingly he is still at the labels, now as head of the department. It is great that someone who is charming, warm and enthusiastic is doing well and is being appreciated. A lovely man.

James, who is doing some great scouting, work tipped me off to a band called Ellen and the Escapades who I went to see at the Louisiana in Bristol.
Man, it has been a while since I stepped inside this great legendary gig.
As I am about to go thru the door, a voice mumbles out my name.
There was the legendary Mig Schillace original drummer of Portishead and booker for the Louisiana.
It was so nice to see him again. He has drumming in a band called Black Submarine, previously known as The Black Ships. The band were formed by former Verve members Nick McCabe and Simon Jones, and Coldplay/Goldfrapp collaborator Davide Rossi . So keep an out for them.
Anyway apart from catching up I went to see Ellen and the Escapades, accompanied by another legendary drummer, Jon Harper (CSS and Cooper Temple Claus) and a bright young A&R scout Jack.
So, a good crowd inside, the Louisiana was full, mind you that don’t take much.
Let’s say it’s a cosy room.
She has a great voice and I loved the harmonies from matey boy on the keyboards.
Drummer was a little heavy handed.
The conclusion, no hit songs and they seem to lack widespread appeal. But….keep on writing.

Again a lifetime love, the wonderful James Bond is…back.
Skyfall, the latest instalment in the Bond adventures.
I was lucky enough to have spent some time with Pierce Brosnan on a holiday many years ago. He had wrapped up his debut performance and was taking a break with his family. He became my second favourite Bond after Sean. Then along came Daniel and Casino Royale, one of the greatest ever opening Bond opening sequences ever!
But then came the awful Quantum Solace..urghh. No story no plot no good.
Thankfully, Bond is back… Humour is back and a great baddy too.

Tim Oliver, the excellent Engineer of some renown, has volunteered his services in helping me compile this year’s Finestkind. We have made a great dent and hopefully by next week, all will be done.

After some ridiculous number of years I finally met up again with Valerie Potter in Hammersmith.
She worked with me back in the Mercury/Phonogram days and left to become a journalist for various
music magazines. She specialized in Rock band journalism and has met and interviewed every important major rock artist ever!!!!
Then she went into theatre PR and is now working on a musical about or called ‘Carnaby Street’.
All being well it will start in 2013.
As I mentioned to her, I used to go down there back in the early days. When there were only a couple of shops doing ‘gear’ and on the street were warehouse, workshops and stall.
Now it’s a tourist tacky destination, nothing like its time in the ‘60’s.

A Paddy Ashdown talk held in an amazing bookshop ‘ Toppings’, he is a very cool guy.
He’s Very charismatic bloke. His new book is about the Cockleshell Heroes. The amount of research he has done, unbelievable and the side stories were great. He is a hero in Bosnia with the way he worked to bring everyone together. He didn’t take sides, he told it as he was it. Great politician, how often does the word great and politician come together? Well he was one of the best, should have had a shot. There you go.

Now talking of great.
I went to see and hear one of my old boys Tom Mcrae at the Chapel in Bath.
Sold out!
He is so good live; if you get a chance …..go see him. He really knows how to work a room. Great stories, great singing great songs and great entertainment.
I think he should be signed to a major. He certainly should be on TV, Jools Holland or a Channel 4 show.
One of Britain’s best singers and songwriters.

Its time to go out to a gig.
So I will do another blog next week and catch up with

Noel Fielding
Etc etc etc

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guess who’s back

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog.
It has been a chaotic period.
I have been helping out with Ultravox as their lovely manager Chris O’Donnell has had a triple bypass operation. So, get well soon, you lovely man. I had the pleasure of meeting the EMI staff, it was at the time of the Universal take over and most people were putting on a brave face.
I do hope that all goes well for everyone I met.
Very nice folks.
The ‘Vox were great.
I think it’s the first time I have ever seen them live. They played all the hits including my fave ‘Sleepwalk’. On finestkind way back when.
It was the night of the mad woman attacking Midge. The whole thing was bizarre. It was a shame that a ‘FANatic’ would do such a thing.
Right now the chaps are touring Europe.

I also had a great visit to CUE songs. Brilliant office off Brewer St, great views of the rooftops.
They are starting to get going, live and available on the net.
I am helping out with a few ideas.

Meanwhile, the artwork ideas are underway for finestkind 2012, our man in Falmouth has been dispatched to canoe upstream on various rivers and creeks throughout Cornwall, to acquire the right shots.
The funny thing about this year is that it was a slow burning start to the year and by the summer it was building into a strong offering.
I am very happy with so many albums and artists that are now gracing the playlists.
However two observations.
Firstly, that hardly anything has been added since the summer. This is the period when most labels release their brightest hopes and their major releases. Damp squib for me.
Secondly, so many artists that I was looking forward to receiving have delivered very poor albums.
So many rave reviews are not living up to the writers claim.
Thank goodness for Spotify/Myspace/Itunes etc, now its time that is needed to track down and listen to the new stuff.
Hopefully I have saved some money this year by not buying these ‘4* 5* reviews.
However, I have still bought some duffers.

What has been the best new albums—artists—that you have bought this year???

The scouts who have been filing in reports to me this year have unearthed some really great stuff.
There are many artists that we are going to keep an eye on.
If they come up with some great songs then………….
Good stuff.

Time to wind down.

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Midge Ure -The Police -Ronnie Lane- Ants – oh my lor’

The Mercury prize nominees are in and I kind of guessed most, I suppose most people had.
No real surprises, well, maybe, the Roller Trio, Sam Lee and the Macabees were.
Congratulations to John Reid and the Maccabees, a long time coming, enjoy.
Ben Howard was featured on Finestkind last year and I loved his EP’s and the album.
Alt-J as mentioned before, I am not yet convinced, but as the kritiks love ‘em, gotta be a favourite.
Django Django, not for me, ol chums. Field music, are another finestkind fave from the past.
Jesse Ware, I am going to have to go back and listen to this. Lianne La Havas didn’t knock my socks off on listening to this lp, might give it another go. Michael Kiwanuka, loved his ep and Isle of Wight stuff. Liked the sound that Ethan Johns got on the recordings, they seemed more organic than the album..but…….
Plan B, must go see the Sweeney, was going to do it this afternoon, then the sky was blue and this bright yellow thing cheered my vibe up. So cinema can wait until it pours down again. Anyway, the kritiks must favour this as well. Then we have the fab Richard Hawley, the Sheffield Star. Love him, like this album. It tends to be boys own guitar rock, but he still has beautiful songs on here as well.
Someone call 999 Richard was robbed!!

Just been working on a finestkind of Elvis Costello.
This guy is one of the best wordsmiths to have wandered these shores, ever! I love his lyrics and you know this boy can sing a lovely ballad. I had the privilege of seeing Elvis many times when he first started out.
I was very fortunate to be sent to the States to see his first ever shows there. 6 shows over three days at the Bottom Line and I saw 5 of the 6. Then a great after show party at the Ukrainian Social club.
But he was awesome, angry and on fire with his delivery. Everyone was stunned by his performances. Although, playing Radio Radio to all the American radio personnel in the audience didn’t do him any favours.
But I have narrowed it down from 300 songs to 98 so far. Still listening and refining it. Might post it up online when I have finished

I listen on average 30 -40 albums a month, but I am not buying anywhere near as much as I used to.
Still, the finestkind compilation for this year is sounding great.
Lots of fantastic songs/tracks all from a good selection of albums.
Lots of new artists, so let’s be positive.
Met up with Jon Harper this week, he of the Cooper Temple Clause and CSS. This is one lovely man, who is looking very healthy these days and is quite happy with life. If ever someone deserves it, this guy does.
He can now be found at BIMM as a lecturer and is doing very well. This Uni has some good people there.
Interesting to read that Sony now earns 50% of its income from online, at first glance this is encouraging.
But I would like to know how much they earn now from online album sales and how much is converted from single sales to album sales. My concern is that albums as we know them are declining. Therefore in the near future the debate as to signing artists on album deals will have to be had. The singles chart is selling to whom? What age and will they ever go on to listening to albums? How many people are now only listening to Spotify and do they ever go and buy albums. My understanding is, no. Mmmm.

I met up with Midge on Friday, fresh from rehearsing with Ultravox. Hope to catch them on tour.
Today went to Nicky and Pete as they had the Ronnie Lane Mobile outside their house. Amazing piece of rock n roll history.

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