Finestkind 2015 - 1

Finestkind 2015

I know, another year and here we go again with another set of db’s finestkind. I have bemoaned to all and sundry that “this year is terrible”. However, again we have 3 cd’s worth, somehow.

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  • db music management

    The move into management has been a long time coming. Over the years, we’ve been asked many times but steadfastly refused. If we are going to make the transition we will have to give it our all and therefore, really love the artists. It’s going to be an interesting year.


  • db records

    db records was formed in September of 1998. We hope to find artists that we love both in terms of recording and as people. In turn the artist will find a creative home and gain all the experience that has been acquired over the past 35 years in A&R.


  • ready to go music

    db music is helping to create a new online digital music rights management service. Cue provides ready to go music licensing from a wide range of well known artists for use in digital media and online productions.

    Cue Songs